What would you do if you had no limits?

The world today is changing at a rapid pace, bringing new challenges and opportunities. Trained as a scientist and now an entrepreneur, I enjoy leading the transformation at the intersection between science and commerce because I believe with the right knowledge, lives can be transformed for the better.

Reshmi Rajendran
Director, Budding Innovations
Entrepreneur, Classical Dancer, Mother of Two,
PhD in Physics
INSEAD Executive MBA 2016
What does Limitless mean to you?

We live in a world of constraints—some are physical, some cultural but they are always personal. Lack of time, fear, stereotypes and self-doubt are just some of its manifestations.

These mindsets limit our human potential to achieve great things in life and hinder experiences that not only enrich ourselves but also benefit society at large.

Limitless celebrates women who have dared to push beyond their own limits and conquer obstacles in their lives.

My company is all about making women look and feel good. We achieve this by using only the finest natural ingredients while providing income to local communities. My passion, education and skills have placed me in an exceptional position to bring Africa to the world, and the world to Africa.

Sharon Acheampong
Founder, Eya Naturals
Serial Entrepreneur, Naturalista

The INSEAD Woman:
Pushing the Limits since 1967

In 1967, INSEAD became one of the first business schools to admit women to its MBA programme when it welcomed Hélène Ploix and Solange Perret to the Fontainebleau campus.

To honour this 50-year milestone, the school is also launching iW50 at INSEAD: a celebration in which we honour the women of the school, while reaffirming a commitment to equip them for success at every career stage and in every organisation.

The events industry is the perfect place to leverage my energy. From luxury fashion to exotic travel, my amazing team organises more than 2500 global events a year. Celebrating success together, and motivating and uniting my team in all their positive differences is what drives me.

Saskia Gentil
Events Director, American Express Meetings & Events
Humanitarian, Globetrotter
INSEAD Executive MBA 2016

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