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Meet the limitless women of INSEAD who are using their talents to define their purpose and help shape a better world.

The world today is changing at a rapid pace, bringing new challenges and opportunities. Trained as a scientist and now an entrepreneur, I enjoy leading the transformation at the intersection between science and commerce because I believe with the right knowledge, lives can be transformed for the better.

Reshmi Rajendran
Director, Budding Innovations
Entrepreneur, Classical Dancer, Mother of Two,
PhD in Physics
INSEAD Executive MBA 2016

“I feel very strongly that, in teams and in leadership, having a good balance between genders and across cultural minorities is very important. We each think and make decisions differently, and the combination of different approaches is essential to have a better view of the problem you’re solving. That’s why it’s so important to create an environment where everyone can have a voice. The role of a leader is to have that kind of impact, to enable this kind of environment.”

Marylin Zakhour
Senior Vice President, Keeward Group
INSEAD Executive MBA 2017

“I met so many inspiring women at INSEAD. They are smart, funny and have a fulfilling job, and they are juggling work and family life. I gained so much confidence from talking to them and I realised, “Okay, it’s doable!” And every time I’m having doubts again, I remember all these role models. It has been really helpful.”

Bingxin Pang
Head of Sales Operations, Power and Gas (China), Siemens
INSEAD Executive MBA 2016

My company is all about making women look and feel good. We achieve this by using only the finest natural ingredients while providing income to local communities. My passion, education and skills have placed me in an exceptional position to bring Africa to the world, and the world to Africa.

Sharon Acheampong
Serial Entrepreneur
Marketing Strategist, Naturalista

“I always say, well, in the past I have been promoted even though I’m a woman. If now given all these diversity discussions I’m going to be promoted because I’m a woman, I’m fine!”

Christina-Sibylle Hoferdt
Management Consultant Financial Services
INSEAD Executive MBA 2016

“As a woman you need to know how to be firm. It doesn’t mean you need to act like a man, because we are different. We have different strengths, different weaknesses, but we are equal.”

Erika Yuniarti
Managing Director, Afogreen Build Group
INSEAD Executive MBA 2017

The events industry is the perfect place to leverage my energy. From luxury fashion to exotic travel, my amazing team organises more than 2500 global events a year. Celebrating success together, and motivating and uniting my team in all their positive differences is what drives me.

Saskia Gentil
Events Director
Humanitarian, Globetrotter
INSEAD Executive MBA 2016

“I’m against all kinds of clichés about women, all kinds, because I’ve seen some really amazing women on the road when I was studying aerospace engineering. The problem in our societies, in both Western and Eastern, is that there are not enough female role models in maths and science, and I would like to change that. ”

Dr. Selda Konukcu
Global Customer Business Leader, GE Aviation
PhD Supply Chain Management
INSEAD Executive MBA 2017

“One of the biggest things that I’ve learned is that everybody is different. Everybody has strengths, as well as weaknesses. No matter how confident a person looks, in reality, everybody has questions. Everybody is reflecting. So I’m in no way disadvantaged compared to anybody else, no matter how confident they all look. Everybody has something to contribute.”

Karen Lee
Global Technical and OEM Manager, Shell
INSEAD Executive MBA 2012

I have always been intrigued by how a country’s economy impacts its people and their destinies. This interest motivated me to build a career in emerging markets. Being able to affect their economy by pulling through investment deals, providing right financial advice and connecting businesses and investors globally have been extremely fulfilling.

Sedef Gunsur
Globetrotter, Capital Market Specialist
Avid Skier
INSEAD Executive MBA 2014

“Gender imbalance isn't just a women's issue. It is a business issue and a societal issue that impacts us all.”

— Ilian Mihov

As the first Ghanaian woman to lead a multinational telecommunications company, I understand the transformative power diversity brings to professional success. This is why I co-founded the Executive Women Network: to inspire, support and empower African women executives to succeed in their careers and create a more equitable world.

Lucy Quist
Global Business Leader
TEDx Speaker, STEM Advocate

“Did I have any self-doubt when applying here? No, I did not, actually. I said to myself, “What is the worst that can come out of this? I’ll just get rejected and I’ll try another school, or the best outcome would be that I’ll get accepted and have the time of life,” which I am having now, so no, no self-doubt for this.”

Trisha Naidoo
Metallurgy Manager, Ivanhoe Mines
INSEAD Executive MBA 2017

“My parents always believed in respect and equality for everyone regardless of age, gender, culture, religion, ethnicity, etc. Everyone has to play a part in promoting gender equality and this is why I joined INSEAD’s Women in Business Club—to support women at INSEAD and help them achieve their professional goals. ”

Jad Saleh
Founder, Pedaru

“ While some progress has been made, women leaders in the Middle East are still few and far between. Which is why developing human capital, especially in women, is a subject I strongly advocate for. As someone who has blazed the trail, I hope to lead by example and change the cultural mindset. ”

Leila Hoteit
Management Consultant
Young Global Leader, Author
PhD in Electrical Engineering

“As a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, I am constantly accepting new challenges to help Africa’s development. By promoting industrialisation and positioning Africa as one of the top 30 countries for global sourcing, it is fulfilling to see the impact I can make on the African region.”

Helen Hai
CEO, Made in Africa Initiative
Tsinghua-INSEAD EMBA 2011 Alumna

“Most men want to help. Join forces and work with them to take concrete steps in advocating for gender equality.”

Minh Huy Lai
Managing Director, INSEAD
INSEAD MBA Programme

“Powering social enterprise with technology can be a potent agent of change. Through mobile technology, smallholder farmers in Africa can get access to commodity markets, finance and information, which are vital to escaping the poverty trap. I am proud to be a part of this revolution.”

Hillary Miller-Wise
Social Entrepreneur, Mother, Long Distance Runner
INSEAD Executive MBA 2011

Having moved four countries in the last five years, I experienced first-hand, the lack of community support available for young immigrant women. This motivated me to bring women from different backgrounds together and empower them with resources to help them reintegrate into the workforce, and find a renewed sense of purpose in what they do.

Jeanne Kirwan
Digital Management Consultant
Active Volunteer, Biking & Yoga Enthusiast