Is this the right time in your career to do an EMBA? Is this something that you deserve to do? Are you doing the right thing by your family? These are all valid questions that many of our alumnae and current participants have asked themselves before embarking upon their Executive MBA journey. Hear how they have lived through these challenges, and their advice on how to overcome the obstacles and barriers to pursue professional growth.

Erin Gainer

Chair of the Board at HRA Pharma
PhD in Epidemiology
INSEAD Executive MBA
“There was so much to learn that indeed I felt a bit like a poser.”

Erin is a trained scientist who had the opportunity to become CEO of a pharma company, when she realised that she needed an Executive MBA to fill in the gaps in her business knowledge. Hear how the programme helped her succeed by giving her the confidence required to take on a senior leadership role.

Lauren Chung

Chief Operating Officer Asia Pacific
Teneo Strategy
INSEAD Executive MBA
“It’s all there fore you, if you want it.”

A successful entrepreneur, Lauren had just sold her company when she contemplated the next step in her professional development by doing an Executive MBA. She was also expecting her first child. In this video, she shares her experience on managing her obligations as a mother, as well as work and business school.

Jessica Fracassi Berrezaie

Director of Merchandising and Customer Experience
INSEAD Executive MBA
“Being reasonable is good. But sometimes, being unreasonable is how you make things happen!”

Jessica firmly believes that you can grow whatever stage of life you’re in. She had two young children and a demanding role in the luxury goods sector when she embarked on her Executive MBA journey, but built a solid support network to carry her through. Her message? Go for it!

Neha Mehta

Country Manager
INSEAD Executive MBA
“You really need to be shaken up to do something incredible.”

Neha believes that change and challenges are vital to a fulfilling personal and professional life. She was excelling in her career in the oil and gas industry, leading a team of 200 employees in the Middle East, yet she experienced self-doubt when considering an Executive MBA. Hear her advice on how to overcome these moments of uncertainty.

Nadiya Lubnina

Head of Marketing
INSEAD Executive MBA
“I felt a bit stuck in my career.”

Nadiya had already achieved a lot in her corporate communications career, but she wasn’t quite happy. She turned to the Executive MBA with the feeling that she could do more, both in terms of personal and professional development. Hear how the programme changed her perspective and helped to progress her career, and how she would evaluate the return on her investment.